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It's our Annual Canada Day Special, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Join me, Sara Hillis, on Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern for three hours of great Celtic music on Mushroom FM!

This week, it's our Canada Day special: awesome singers. song-writers and musicians of all sorts from the Great White North! We've got songs about Canadian history and songs that have made Canadian history! We've got listener suggestions and even a special birthday request! In short, we've got a positively cracking show for Canada Day, and you're invited!

More Folkish Foolishness--or is that Foolish Folkishness?, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show is back for another week with all the usual features intact, some great music celebrating Jean-Baptist Day in Quebec, and three hours of general musical madness. We're even including a few songs in honour of Summer, but we won't make a big deal of it lest we inadvertently insult Jonathan's Southern Hemispheric sensibilities. (It's Winter there, you know.)

Awesome Music as Always, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Join me on Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern for great Celtic music from around the world on Come by the Hills!

This week, we've got all our usual features including a very special "Me Music" and a comedic "Celtic Cover" for your enjoyment.

If you miss the show on Sunday, you can catch the replay on Friday at 4:00 AM Eastern, 9:00 AM in the UK and Ireland, or you can download the archived version at: However and whenever you listen, enjoy the show!

Retraction to Sandy Denny Information for this Week's Come by the Hills!

I can't believe I did this, but in looking up Sandy Denny's dates recently, I reversed the numbers in the day/month/year format for her date of birth. She was not born on June 1, but rather on January 6. Even so, we are of course still doing the episode, as this year does mark the fiftieth anniversary of Liege and Leaf and it's still a good excuse to salute Sandy's amazing music. I do apologize for printing misinformation! I promise I'll get it right tonight on the show.

Celebrating An Amazing Talent and an Amazing Album, this week on Come by the Hills!

2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Liege and Leaf, the highly influencial Folk-rock album by British band Fairport Convention. Also, June 1 would have been the birthday of their lead vocalist on that album, Sandy Denny! She was only 31 when she died in 1978, and she led a somewhat complicated life, but her talent for song-writing and vocal interpretation is second to none! So, to mark these two occasions, this week, I'll be playing the entire album of Liege and leaf, some songs written and/or sung by Sandy Denny, and some other great Folk-rock tunes.

It's a Tribute to Stan Rogers, this week on Come by the Hills!

Sunday, June 2nd, will be the 36th anniversery of the untimely and tragic death of one of Canada's greatest musicians and ambassadors, Stan Rogers. So, to mark this occasion, I will be replaying a show that I produced in 2018. Stan only had about thirteen years on the public stage, and I always wonder what kinds of songs he might have written if he had lived longer, what topics he might have tackled and whose stories he might have sung into life if is own life had not been cut short so suddenly in an airplane accident in 1983.

We're Revisiting Autumn, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, it's another encore presentation of Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show, and in honour of New Zealand, the home of The Home of the Fun Guys, I thought we'd revisit a show from October 14, 2018. As they head into winter, I thought I'd pick a show with an autumnal feel to it. It's also a reminder for us here in the northern hemisphere not to take summer for granted.

So enjoy this look back, and I'll be back with a very special new episode in June. Watch this space!

it's Mary Black's Birthday, this Week on Come by the Hills!

This week on Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show, we'll be focusing on the music of Mary Black, as her birthday is on May 23. We'll be playing music from the soundtrack to her autobiography, "Down the Crooked Road," as well as other favourite songs from various points in her long career. While starting out as a straight folk musician, on her own as well as with The Black Family and De Dannan, she became a wonderful interpreter of other people's music and enjoyed great success. She stopped performing a few years ago, but she leaves a legacy of great music behind her.

A Roguish and Roving Dip into the Archives, this Week on Come by the Hills!

It's supposed to be spring here in the northern hemisphere, but we're in the midst of a silly April cold snap just now in my part of the world. However, I'm still feeling springish, and spring always makes me think of Mr. Mole from Kennith Graham's masterpiece "The Wind in the Willows." Mole suddenly decides one morning to stop spring cleaning his little hole and to just wander away across the fields and into a brand new life. He is infected by spring and "its spirit of divine discontent and longing." This seems also to be what calls that staple of folk songs and romances: the rover.

John Barleycorn Revisited and Redeemed, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, it's time for another encore presentation on Come by the Hills! This time, we're replaying the botched John Barleycorn episode from August 5, 2018, in its corrected Friday morning incarnation! I hope you'll enjoy it!


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