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an auditory journey, and temporary detour, tonight on The Depths.

Greetings fellow music travelers.

Tonight's journey through The Depths will be unique in that all of us will take a detour back through time before moving forward again. In order that we can get back to standard time, hour three is so nice that we will play it twice.

As we wind our way through our excursion together, we will hear deep rarities from Thin Lizzy, UFO, Billy thorpe, Gong, Country Weather, and so many more.

The Depths returns with a tribute to Ginger Baker

Greetings fellow music travelers.

I am thrilled to report that my long painful journey through surgery and recovery is going well, and that now I am ready for all of us to go on our next musical excursion together.

On tonight's edition of The Depths, we will begin by paying our proper respects to Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek.

We will also have our ears tantalized by new archival releases from Steve Miller, Nektar and James Brown just to name a few.

Get lewd and loose in Lewisville this week on The Depths

"Young people assembling to hear music is one thing. Young people assembling in unspeakable costumes, half-naked, barefooted, defying propriety and scorning morality is another.

"... We hope readers of this newspaper will realize this weekend that the great majority of youngsters in this area are at home where they ought to be – mowing yards, working at part-time jobs and preparing for useful lives.

"In the meantime, the lewd and loose at Lewisville will swing and sway. They are to be pitied."

The Depths will not be on this week.

Greetings fellow music travelers. With sincere apologies, there will be no journey through The Depths this week. I am dealing with a painful medical condition that has temporarily put me on the musical sidelines. I have some big plans for upcoming shows, so please stick with me, and I will be back soon.

Unfamiliarity breeds content tonight on The Depths.

Greetings fellow music travelers.

Tonight is really all about kicking back, stretching out, and letting the music take us away. I've got four solid hours of deep classic rock, blues, jazz, soul, funk, psychedelia, and even a little Latin flavor ready to tantalize your eardrums.

Our auditory excursion begins promptly at 11:00 PM Eastern; right after The Snowman. You can hear it again on Wednesday at 4:00 PM Eastern.

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Twist the clock back 50 years, tonight on The Depths

Greetings fellow music travelers.

50 years ago, in bethel, NY, several hundred thousand people gathered for the Woodstock music and Art Fair. However, that is not where we will be heading.

No, instead, we will spend time 582 miles West of bethel in Ann Arbor, michigan for the
very first festival in America dedicated exclusively to the blues.

the music does the talking, tonight on The Depths.

Greetings fellow music travelers.

As we journey through four hours of auditory discovery together tonight, the music will command even more of center stage than it already does.

IN the first hour, we will twist and turn our way through the vibrant British Blues scene of the late 60's.

also, throughout the night, we will commemorate the passing of Art Neville, as well as dig into lots of great live performances from Gary Wright, starcastle, and Ian Gillan just to name a few.

Our trip begins at 11:00 PM Eastern, and will repeat on Wednesday at 4:00 PM Eastern.

Oh, the places we'll visit tonight on The Depths.

greetings fellow music travelers.

Tonight's excursion through The Depths will find us taking many divergent paths that will lead us to all kinds of musical surprises.

Just a few sounds we will visit are:

  • early hard rock from grand Funk, Humble Pie and Spooky tooth
  • Psychedelia from Lothar and the Hand People, and The Rotary Connection
  • Soulful sounds from the Isley Brothers, Tavares, and a very rare live performance by Hall and Oates
  • Extremely rare performances by Joe Cocker and Rita Coolidge, and Derek and The Dominos

A 40th birthday for a great album, keyboard pioneers, and fresh new music with a classic connection; this week on The Depths

It's time for another expansive journey through the world of deep classic rock, and early progressive FM rock radio on The Depths.

The Kinks album, "Low Budget" turned 40 this week, and we will pay tribute to it with some background history, and a couple extended mixes that didn't make the original album.

We'll also spend a little time with two brilliant pioneers of early synthesizers: Annette Peacock and Robert Mason.

We'll even play a short clip of the progressive FM station in Philadelphia that used Robert Mason's music as a bed for several years.

Fallen musical heroes, James Taylor covers, and fresh music from classic artists -- all this week on The Depths.

Over the past several weeks, the classic rock world has lost four important figures. On this week's journey through The Depths, you will hear from all of them: rare live recordings from Dr. John and Leon Redbone, as well as important tracks from Gary Duncan of Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Roky Erickson from the 13th Floor Elevators. You'll even hear a brilliant spoken word piece from Ken Nordine, who we lost earlier this year.

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