the music does the talking, tonight on The Depths.

Greetings fellow music travelers.

As we journey through four hours of auditory discovery together tonight, the music will command even more of center stage than it already does.

IN the first hour, we will twist and turn our way through the vibrant British Blues scene of the late 60's.

also, throughout the night, we will commemorate the passing of Art Neville, as well as dig into lots of great live performances from Gary Wright, starcastle, and Ian Gillan just to name a few.

Our trip begins at 11:00 PM Eastern, and will repeat on Wednesday at 4:00 PM Eastern.

It's a themeless, meandering Mosen Explosion

We’ve had a couple of big shows over the last couple of weeks, with our amazing moon landing special last week and the show about the sport that must not be named the week before that. I’ll have a little to say about that on this week’s Mosen Explosion.

But for the most part, this week’s show is wide open, with a great variety of music and conversation that could take us anywhere.

Bonnie is here with a bulletin containing something of significant significance, and we’ll look back on this day in history.

Coming up on Saturday at the Described Movies: American Graffiti

Only on Mushroom escape:
From this Saturday at 2am Eastern, that’s 6pm Saturday in NZ, 4pm in Sydney and 7am in the UK, and repeated every four hours throughout the day , it’s
the described movie American Graffiti from 1973.
American Graffiti is a 1973 American coming-of-age comedy film directed and co-written by George Lucas

Elvis’ R&B Influences this week on "The Juke In The Back"!

The Juke In The Back” focuses on the “soul that came before rock n’ roll,” the records that inspired Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless others.

Oh, the places we'll visit tonight on The Depths.

greetings fellow music travelers.

Tonight's excursion through The Depths will find us taking many divergent paths that will lead us to all kinds of musical surprises.

Just a few sounds we will visit are:

  • early hard rock from grand Funk, Humble Pie and Spooky tooth
  • Psychedelia from Lothar and the Hand People, and The Rotary Connection
  • Soulful sounds from the Isley Brothers, Tavares, and a very rare live performance by Hall and Oates
  • Extremely rare performances by Joe Cocker and Rita Coolidge, and Derek and The Dominos

The Mosen Explosion goes on-location for our Apollo 11 celebration

Sorry to disappoint you, but when I say “on-location”, we’re not quite getting to the moon to host this week’s show. I put in a proposal, but unfortunately it wasn’t approved by our miserly Mushroom FM Budget Director.

Nevertheless, we are indeed heading out of the studio for some of this week’s show, as Bonnie, Heidi and I head to Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand, to examine some moon rock. We’ll tell you the story behind how New Zealand ended up with it, and Heidi will read a newspaper story from the day of the moon landing from 50 year old newsprint.

It's Haggis in July, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, Sunday is coming around again, and this Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern, it's haggis in July on Come by the Hills, Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show! Yes! This week, we present an encore presentation of the 2019 Robby Burns special which was first aired on January 27th. It was a live show, and I thought it might be fun to relive those heady days when the show was alive Alive-O! Who knows? It may be that way again someday. However, till then, we have our memories. Don't we?

Chuck Willis, Part 2 – 1954-58 this week on "The Juke In The Back"!

The Juke In The Back” focuses on the “soul that came before rock n’ roll,” the records that inspired Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless others.

Share your moon memories and thoughts with us on this week's special Mosen Explosion

Since we’re seeking special listener contributions, I’m giving plenty of notice of what’s happening on this weekend’s Mosen Explosion.

The next show will air on 20 July US Eastern time, 50 years to the day that humans first set foot on another world. We’ll be playing plenty of songs about the moon and space, and you’re welcome to make a request for anything that fits the theme.

Escape Velocity: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing on Mushroom Escape

I missed it by just under a year. I have spent most of my life wishing I could have been around to witness the moment when Eagle landed at Tranquility Base on July 20, 1969. I've read every book I could find on the subject, I've imagined the excitement that surely must have been felt around the world, and now it's time to mark that occasion with some very special programming on Mushroom Escape.


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