The top songs of 1967 this week on The Early Years

When you hear the dying strains of Van Halen's Happy Trails signalling the end of The Mosen Explosion for another week, don't touch that PC, that device or that internet radio and join me in The Early Years on Mushroom FM.
Hello, I'm Steve Cutway and my musical focus is the 50s and 60s.

Join Jonathan for the first Mosen Explosion for 2017

Another year of Mosen Explosion radio shows begins…soon! I don’t know how we get away with it, I tell you.

I’m unavailable to host the show live this week, it’s summer and all that, or rather, it’s at least supposed to be. But never fear. Even though the show isn’t live, there is indeed a full four-hour show, and it’s got lots in it! In fact if you turn it over, you’ll see all the ingredients written on the back!

Christmas Leftovers & New Year’s Resolutions this week on The Juke In The Back

Matt The Cat has dug up some more R&B Christmas treasures and added a few tunes about New Years for this week’s continuation of the “Juke In The Back” R&B Christmas Special. The holiday juke is jumpin’ with cool tunes by Big John Greer, Champion Jack Dupree, Lowell Fulson, The Moonglows, Marvin & Johnny and many more. The range of topics is wide, from dancing Santas to lonely Christmases to making up with your baby on New Year’s Eve.

We're Celebrating the "Virtues" of Alcohol this week on Come By The Hills

The new year begins on Sunday, and on Saturday night in many places around the world, people will be dancing, singing, partying, and of course, drinking. So, even though this week's Come by the Hills will be on when most of us are busy recovering from the morning after the night before, I thought it fit to devote an entire episode to Celtic songs about beer, whisky, punch, and any other alcoholic beverage that I can think of.

You're invited to another new year's party at Mosen Towers

Even when on holiday, we’re beta testing at Mosen Towers. We just can’t help ourselves! This time every year, since the year seems to have a habit of ending on 31 December all the time, we bravely go where no one has gone before and test the new year for you. New Zealand sees in the new year a full 18 hours before it makes its way to the east coast of the United States, 21 hours before it makes it to the US west coast, and 13 hours before it gets to the UK! I mean dude, we are, like, so totally advanced.

All George Michael and Wham! on the next two editions of 80s Lady

In a year where we've lost many legends who contributed to 80s music, such as David Bowie, Glen Frey, Prince and more, George Michael died yesterday.

Bonnie will be paying tribute to him by playing nothing but music by George Michael, with and without Wham! on the next two editions of 80s lady, today and tomorrow.

If George Michael and Wham! were part of the soundtrack of your life, then do join us at 8 PM Eastern tonight and tomorrow night, and share your memories via the MushroomFm Twitter hashtag.

New Year's Even With The Snowman

Happy New Year!

You're invited to a Mosen Family Christmas

As I write this post, a warm Christmas day in New Zealand is coming to an end. Tomorrow, it’ll be the day we call boxing day, but Christmas day will still be very much happening in the northern hemisphere.

Join me in The Early Years on Mushroom FM

Tucked in between the Mosen Explosion Family Christmas and Come by the Hills Sunday evening Mushroom FM time is a little show called The Early Years.
Hello, I'm Steve Cutway and my normal musical focus is the 50s and 60s. But not Christmas night.

Vintage Christmas Rhythm & Blues this week on The Juke In The Back

The entire “Juke In The Back” is loaded with the greatest R&B Christmas records from the late 1940s and 1950s. It’s the yuletide soul that came before rock n’ roll. From the all-time classics by Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters and The Orioles to some rarer Christmas plattahs from Amos Milburn, JB Summers and The Five Keys. So grab some ‘nog and get groovin’. Saturday afternoon at 03:00 PM Eastern, with an encore presentation Thursday morning at 04:00 AM Eastern, on Mushroom FM, the home of the fun guys, making four decades of magic mushroom memories!


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