It's Maple Syrup Music this Week on Come by the Hills, Eh?

Yes, July 1 is Canada Day, and it's the 150th anniversary of confederation to boot, so we'll be going all Canadian on Come by the Hills. We have a fine Stan Rogers song in "Celtic Covers," a couple of segments on some great Canadian bands who sing about Canadian things, some great Quebecois music in "Fiddlin' Around," and a lot of obscure and interesting Canadian folk songs for you to enjoy.

Celebration and live music. It's a special Mosen Explosion

We certainly have plenty to celebrate on this week’s Mosen Explosion. In case you haven’t heard yet, the America’s Cup is once again New Zealand’s cup, and we’ve been in celebration mode all week. It’s hard to believe we thrashed Oracle Team USA by a comprehensive 7 races to 1, which was in reality eight races to one.

It’s a New Zealand Celebration in The Shed.

On Monday, 26 June, Team New Zealand, despite so many things working against them, lifted the Old Mug yet again!
The America’s Cup, is once again New Zealand’s cup!
It was actually very early on Tuesday morning here in New Zealand when it took place. I was watching from a motel room away for work.
I remember the celebrations back in 1995 when New Zealand won it for the first time, and then retained it back in 2000.
I also remember the heart break before 1995, and the choke on the water back in 2013, and 2003, 2007 and so on...
But, not, this time!

Happy Independence Day.

It's theFourth of July Weekend, and we're all in a party mood, whether we're partying or not. The Snowman will be partying, all by himself this weekend, which is something he's pretty good at. And you get to listen in, which makes it a party for you too. There is lots to talk about, and lots to think about, in that ever evocative first hour. It's the snowman's mind, rattling on in loquatious eloquence about whatever comes to it, in the spirit of the moment. Few people have the courage to do it by themselves. But that, is our tradition.

Calling into A Cuppa at the Mosens now easier and clearer than ever

We’ve been thrilled by the response we’ve had week after week to our global call-in show, A Cuppa at the Mosens. Thanks to everyone who has called us since we started in January.

We’ve evaluated the show from a technical perspective and are making changes that will make it even easier to call in, and the audio quality much better for more callers.

Summertime R&B: 4th of July, Food & Baseball Songs this week on The Juke in the Back

The Juke In The Back” focuses on the “soul that came before rock n’ roll,” the records that inspired Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless others.

This week on A Cuppa at the Mosens, a convention survival guide

A Cuppa at the Mosens is the live, global call-in show that discusses issues of significance to the blind community. At present, much of our US audience is anticipating the US blindness conventions, and many of our listeners outside the US wonder what they’re really like. The American Council of the Blind will be beginning their convention at the end of the week, and the National Federation of the Blind’s convention will follow the week after. So let’s talk conventions this week.

It's all about summer tonight on The Early Years

When you hear the dying strains of Van Halen's Happy Trails signalling the end of The Mosen Explosion for another week, don't touch your PC, your mobile device or your internet radio and join me in The Early Years on Mushroom FM, the home of the fun guys.
Hello, I'm Steve Cutway. It's all about summer tonight as I present summer songs primarily from the 50s. I have lots of version comparisons including a mammoth one that I hope you'll find interesting, and a couple of tripple plays. Next week, I'll complete my survey with summer songs from the 60s.

Come by the Hills Packs a Punch this Week!

More great Celtic music is the order of the day this week on Come by the Hills, including a "Celtic Cover" involving not one, not two, but three jugs of punch. There's also another simple single in "Me Music," some fiddle tunes from The Green Fields of America, and lots of other great listening as usual.

Join me on Sunday night after The Early Years or catch the replay on Friday morning after The Smorgasbord!

Back from across the ditch, it's the Mosen Explosion! And go Team new Zealand!

As I write this wee promotional message in a desperate attempt to encourage you to choose the Mosen Explosion over the many millions of other choices you have, we’re packing up in our hotel in Melbourne Australia, ready to spend the day at a few more great Melbourne cafes and then head home.

We get in super late, but the Mosen Explosion must go on. Oh yes it must. And what a fun, unpredictable show it promises to be.


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