The Shed is about to open!

That’s right, at the top of the hour, that’s 11pm Eastern, 4pm Sunday in New Zealand, and 4am Sunday in the UK.
It’ll be four hours of the usual madness, mayhem, and probably a little more in-between.
It also means another triple threat coming up, and a live and loud segment as well.
As always requests are welcome, because that’ll stop me playing whatever I want.
Just simply e-mail: anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or on Twitter: @kiwisnake
Look forward to seeing ya!

Gather Round the Hearth this week on Come By The Hills!

It would seem that October has descended upon us, at least here in Southern Ontario Canada, with a rain and a roar. It is chilly and wet out there, so I'm inviting you into my cozy Celtic cabbin for three hours of songs and tales to warm your bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.

The Police are involved in this week's Mosen Explosion

Ello ello ello? Now what's all this then? If you don't tune into the Mosen Explosion, then I shall have to ask you to accompany me to the station...The Mushroom Fm Internet radio station that is, where we have four hours of frivolous, fun, forgettable radio that's interactive and unpredictable.

When I interrogate you, I shall ask, "now do you have a police record?" And you might answer, "yes, Every Breath you Take!"

More LaVern Baker this week on The Juke In The Back

This week, the “Juke In The Back” looks at how one of R&B’s greatest voices, LaVern Baker, got her start. It’s part two of a two part feature on the early career of LaVern Baker. In part two, we’ll dig on Baker’s prime recording years of 1954-56. She had 4 charting records in ’55, beginning with the crossover smash, “Tweedlee Dee,” which stayed popular for over a year, hitting #4 R&B and crossing over to #14 Pop.

Bonnie's Alive but Bonair isn't!

Bonnie’s alive but Bonair isn’t Saturday 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST on and in all your fav music apps. All of my trainers have taught me “The horse always comes first.” Since horse trainers are sometimes right, I’m taking this advice this week and attending the mandatory staff training at the new barn. This means Bonair is voice tracked. You’ll have the usual magical music, Bonnie banter, and a “Food for Thought”. The only real difference will be I can’t play requests or interact on Twitter, so you may not even notice I’m gone. Sniff sniff.

The Early Years come to Mushroom FM

When you hear the dying strains of Van Halen's Happy Trails signalling the end of The Mosen Explosion, don't touch that PC, that device or that internet radio and join me in The Early Years on Mushroom FM.
Hello, I'm Steve Cutway and I'm no longer Lost in the 50s. I've expanded my musical horizon to include the 60s as well. But I'm the antithesis of Jonathan as I don't tweet and I don't facebook. But you can contact me by e-mail at

The Mosen Explosion Going Forward

Ah, cliches and buzz words, don'tcha just love em? Some come and go, while others arrive and become a permanent part of our lexicon.
I remember a human resources manager...oh wait, that's a buzz word in itself isn't it? Human resources. I mean, what's wrong with staff, or people? Anyway, I remember a human resources manager telling me once that we needed to take a helicopter view of a situation, and I'm so like what the soup?

Saving daylight in the Shed.

That’s right, I’m saving daylight again this week in the Shed, from 11pm Eastern tonight, that still 4am in the UK on Sunday, and now 4PM Sunday in New Zealand.
I’ve lost an hours sleep! All in the name of saving daylight.
It’ll mean a few sleepy days, as we adjust to the change yet again.
One thing I don’t need to adjust too however, is hanging out with you all.
Four crazy hours of mayhem and timeless music.
The clock will be ticking, as we have a triple threat to play, and the live and loud segment as well.

It's Officially Autumn This Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, the wind is crisping up and the trees are getting ready to shed their leaves, and we're celebrating (well sort of celebrating) Autumn this week on Come by the Hills, the Celtic Music Show. In reality, we will have a few songs throughout the show that have to do with Autumn or that have an Autumnal tone, but generally, it's just another three hours of some of the best in Celtic music from around the world.


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