The Mushroom Morning Munch with Jeff Molzow

What is the Mushroom Morning Munch?

Presented to you hot and fresh every weekday morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Time, the morning munch is an upbeat combination of magical mushroom memories from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's with just a little country flavoring thrown in for good measure. Your presenter is from West Texas afterall... We'll have trivia, history, lots of musical notes, and of course interaction with you the listener. You can think of us as that home town morning radio show and presenter that we all grew up with.

We'll even give you an inside look at what's coming up on the Mighty Mushroom that day and preview any upcoming events so you'll ALWAYS! know about all of the tastyest Mushroomy treats coming your way. They say that "Breakfast" is the most important part of your day, so we hope you'll spend some of it with us on the Mushroom Morning Munch. Oh, and don't worry if the Morning Munch comes to you later in the day or even at night... There's no bad time to enjoy breakfast with a friend.

You! are the most important part of the show!

Every presenter likes to know who's out there listening and how they can make the show better for them. If you've got a request, a dedication, want to wish someone happy birthday, or just tell us how you like your breakfast mushrooms, we WANT! to hear from you!Here are just a few ways you can interact with us and be a part of the Morning Munch Bunch!

From Jeff Molzow, your goofy presenter...

I'm a 54 year old optamist who has worked in broadcasting or some form of audio production since the age of 16. I started out at a little sunrise/sunset station playing the same magical memories we play here on the Mushroom, So the Morning Munch is like coming home for me. I've always LOVED! having a morning show and am very excited to be part of the Fun Guys. I have always been a very enthusiastic morning person, much to the enjoyment and sometimes annoyance of my family and friends. Is there such a thing as being TOO ENTHUSIASTIC? I believe that each new day is a gift and we should grab hold an make the most of it.

Radio has always been a huge part of my life as both a broadcaster and a listener. I've gotten a chance to listen to some of the greats in the field, but the ones that effected me the most were the local morning DJ's who seemed to know not only the music and news of the day, but seemed to have a personal relationship with their community and each of their listeners. I'm really hoping to give The Mushrrom Morning Munch that same home town feel, even if our home town is a bit more global. So, I hope you'll join me each morning and we'll get our day started off right!