Celtic Music is Back for Another Week on Come by the Hills!

Before I tell you about this week's show, I want to thank everyone who wrote or tweeted in about the Stan Rogers show I did last week. I heard some lovely stories about the man whom I was never able to see perform which only reinforced my high opinion of his music and his legacy for Canada and humanity in general. I managed to impress some pretty knowledgeable folkies with my Stan picks. That's a pretty tall order as I myself should know. It's hard to be a folky sometimes, because so many radio stations stick to a few well-known songs from any particular artist. I'm glad that my instincts were on the money this time around. Thanks again for all your kind messages! We'll be sure to do another Stan show next June!

Now to this week. There's no particular theme this week, but I'm going to play a few sailing songs in honour of the America's Cup, a song or two referencing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which ends later this week, and we will have the return of "Me Music" as well. In "Celtic Covers," we'll do a version comparison of a song which is itself a version of another song. Confused yet? Well, folk music is like that, and if you want to fix your broken brain and get some answers about this mystery and more, then by all means join me just after The Early Years with Steve Cutway and before Moon Dreams with The Snowman! If you can't make it then, catch the replay on Friday after The Smorgasbord! See you soon!