It's Maple Syrup Music this Week on Come by the Hills, Eh?

Yes, July 1 is Canada Day, and it's the 150th anniversary of confederation to boot, so we'll be going all Canadian on Come by the Hills. We have a fine Stan Rogers song in "Celtic Covers," a couple of segments on some great Canadian bands who sing about Canadian things, some great Quebecois music in "Fiddlin' Around," and a lot of obscure and interesting Canadian folk songs for you to enjoy.

As The Arrogant Worms musical comedy group states in their alternative national anthem, "Canada's Really Big!" This is true in terms of sheer land mass as well as sheer talent! We'll sample just some of this talent in the realm of folk music this Canada Day weekend, and we'll do it with pride, eh? So, Join me on Sunday night after The Early Years, or catch the replay on Friday morning following The Smorgasbord! See you then, and happy Canada Day!