The Celtic Music Just Keeps on Comin' on Come by the Hills!

Come along and join me this week for another episode of Come by the Hills, the Celtic Music Show on Mushroom FM! I've got all the usual features: "Me Music," "Fiddlin' Around" and "Celtic Covers," plus songs of protest, songs of love and death, and everything in between.

The show is bookended this week with selections from a newly-acquired album by Artisan, a Yorkshire-based acapella folk group which sadly no longer exists but whose music is amazing. There's also a face-off between two giants of folk music: Phil Oches and Loreena McKennitt, both doing their own settings of a famous romantic poem in "Celtic Covers." It makes me wonder what the two might have talked about if they had ever met and if Phil had not died so young. Basically, what we've got is a great three hours of fantastic music which you'll have to hear to believe.

So join me on Sunday night right after Steve and The Early Years, or catch the replay on Friday following Jonathan's Smorgasbord! I promise it'll be worth your while!