Locked and loaded. It's The Mosen Explosion. That I can tell you!

The Mosen explosion,
makes such a commotion,
whenever it comes on the air.
It’ll make you feel happy,
when life’s being crappy,
and lift you right out of despair.

So I suggest you,
turn the ‘shroom on at 2,
and phone in, or email, or tweet.
Because some people say,
when it comes to Sunday,
the Explosion just makes it complete.

Now my wonderful wife,
she said, “you need a life.
I can’t believe you have the time,
To sit in your chair,
while the dishes wait there,
and write your dumb doggerel rhyme.

But I said to her, “mate,
my listeners are great,
and I find, if I ever get tired,
I just think of the fun day,
I have every Sunday,
and immediately, I get inspired.

So give it a go,
you just never know,
you may really like it a bunch!
But my rhyme’s at an end,
I have to press send,
because Bonnie says, “it’s time for lunch”.