We've Got a New Infusion of Music this Week on Come by the Hills!

For all you regular listeners, I can't promise that every song tonight will be new to you, but I bet one or two of them will, as I've been working hard over the past while to get some new artists and songs into the tried and true mix of Celtic and folk music for which Come by the Hills has become known the world over--well, maybe not the world, but you know what I mean.

We've got a fun "Celtic Cover" featuring some great guitar work, some songs from a new (to me at least) collection of artists on the Green Linet record label, some new selections from Nickel Creek and there is even a song with some hidden bonus tracks to boot! We've even got a request to play!

So, join me, Sara Hillis, tonight right after Steve and The Early Years, or else catch the replay on Friday following The Smorgasbord. The show is just filled with fun and surprises. It's Come by the Hills, the Celtic Music Show on Mushroom FM!