Get sweet on the Mushroom Munch!

There's nothing like the face of a kid who joins Jeff Molzow for the Trivial Thursday edition of the Mushroom Munch, when we will discover some tasty, but little known, facts about candy. Have you ever wanted to know where the M in m&m candies comes from, where Ronald Regan got his love for Jelly Beans, and how many Skittles it takes to ride the rainbow all the way to the moon? All of these questions will be answered and more, and we'll even debunk some sticky candy myths. We've even cooked up some tasty music with a sweet theme for you to munch on while you discover a little historical trivia about your favorite candy treats. It all happens from 9 to 11 (Eastern) on both sides of the clock on Thursday. So bring your sweet tooth and don't SKIP The Mushroom Munch on Thursday, exclusively on MushroomFM.