We're Cutting Over to Canada on this week's A Cuppa at the Mosens

We’re cutting over to Canada for an interview with fun guy Steve Cutway on this week’s “A Cuppa at the Mosens” Thursday 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST on mushroomfm.com and in all your fav music apps. Steve was scheduled to be on the show a few weeks back, but due to technical issues-- on our end, the show had to be cancelled. Barring any unusual events this time, we will talk with Steve about his long history in broadcasting and assistive technology, and his show “The Early Years” which airs each Sunday following “The Mosen Explosion.”
Remember we can’t have a show without you, so click on over to mushroomfm.com/cuppa to find out how to participate. And while your there, click over to mushroomfm.com/countdown2017 and vote in this year’s holiday countdown. Only a few more days to get your vote in for your top ten holiday songs and invite to the annual virtual Christmas party. We’ll be counting down the top 100 songs this coming Sunday.