The Mushroom Munch is Back!

Join Jeff Molzow as we relaunch the Mushroom Munch on Monday from 9 to 11 (Eastern) on both sides of the clock. We’ve finally recovered from our digital disaster and are once again ready, to bring you your favorite Mushroomie treat. Santa was very good to Jeff this year and The Munch is coming to you from an almost brand-new studio. All the racks are closed, the fires are out, the power is empowering, the digits are digitizing, and the host is about to lose his mind to be back on the air. Of course, we’ll have all your favorite magical, musical, Mushroomie treats that you love from our four decades of memories. And we’ve also got some exciting news to share about a couple of brand new shows on MushroomFM. So, set your echoes for 9 o’clock tomorrow and help Jeff settle back into the big chair.