Attention! Attention! The Mosen Explosion may start an hour earlier for you! Attention!

Right, now that I have your attention…The time has come around again when we get to one of the two periods each year where people start fooling with the ultimate forces of time and risk blowing massive holes in the space/time continuum.

In other words, the clocks go forward in North America this week. This affects us at Mushroom Fm because way back when we started in 2010, we adopted Eastern US time as our official time zone.

However, the clocks don’t go forward, or for that matter backward, in many other countries, and that means that the Mosen Explosion may temporarily in some cases be at a different time for you. For example, because the UK and Europe don’t put their clocks forward until later this month, Mushroom FM shows will start an hour earlier until the clocks go forward.

Therefore, the Mosen Explosion begins this week at 2 PM Eastern, now Eastern Daylight Time, 6 PM in the UK, and 7 AM in New Zealand. Yup, I’m on the air an hour earlier.

On Saturday, Bonnie and I saw the King’s Singers perform live, so I’ll feature a few songs from their popular music side of the spectrum. It’s also the amazing Bobby McFerrin’s birthday, so he’ll fit right into the show.

Bonnie started her journalism studies this week, meaning that she’ll have an interesting and pre-recorded Bonnie bulletin.

We hope to have a banana report in the mix too, we’ll look back at this day in history. There’ll be plenty of room for your contributions via Twitter, email, and the listener line.

Oh, what a time we shall have, if only you remember to tune in at the correct time.

It’s the Mosen Explosion, grappling with those who fool with elements they just don’t comprehend, only on Mushroom FM.