Stretching the Boundaries, this Week on Come by the Hills!

come by the Hills is back for another week, and we've got some new music that will stretch the boundaries of the show's primary focus. It is described as a Celtic Music Show, but the Celts lived in so many places and traded and fought and dealt with so many different cultures during their rovings across Europe that there is likely no such thing as a purely Celtic kind of music. This is all by way of justifying my forray this week into some decidedly World influences with music from the Canadian trio The Sultans of String, and my other forray into modern folk with music from an awesome duo I just found this week called Big Little Lions. We will also be firmly rooted in our Celtic comfort zone as well, but it never hurts to do a little stretching once in a while.

So, join me tonight at 8:00 pM Eastern, or catch the replay on Friday morning at 4:00 AM Eastern, 9:00 AM in the UK and Ireland! Also, check out the archive later at and have a great time!