In Europe and the UK, we're exploding an hour earlier just this wecek

In a world first for The Mosen Explosion, I’m writing this post on an Air New Zealand flight home from Australia. It’s amazing what these blind people can do these days isn’t it?

Since I’m not even home yet, I have no idea what’s on The Mosen Explosion other than plenty of great music, conversation thanks to you, and the usual features. However, I am posting this wee message to let our Europe and UK listeners know that since your clocks are going back this weekend, and the US clocks are not, The show will start an hour earlier for you just this once. Well, until next time anyway. So I hope to have your company at 2 PM Eastern, 6 PM in the UK, 7 AM in New Zealand for another edittion of the jolly old Mosen Explosion.