The War of the Worlds on Mushroom Escape

If you listen to The Dusty Attic on Mushroom Escape today (Monday), you will hear Ryan playing much of The War of the Worlds, the infamous radio broadcast from October 30, 1938. Ryan also discusses the broadcast in-depth and demystifies some of the facts and myths surrounding this iconic hour of radio.

Tomorrow, October 30, at 8:00 PM Eastern, will be the 80th anniversary of this program. In honor of that, Mushroom Escape will play The War of the Worlds, as originally presented on Orson Wells's Mercury Theatre, in its entirety. Even now, eighty years after it was originaly presented, it is an amazing piece of radio.

So please tune in to Mushrom Escape ( at 8:00 PM Eastern time on October 30th, to enjoy a radio program that is still often talked about to this very day: the War of the Worlds, featuring Orson Wells and the Mercury Theatre.