Starting this weekend, the Iceman's 150 show comes to Mushroom FM

They say ice and snow go together, right?

The Snowman is of course a much-loved Mushroom Fm institution. Now, we have the Iceman too, as he brings us his Iceman 150 show.

He takes the same radio personality approach as the people he grew up listening to and admiring, where the Radio host ran the show, made it entertaining, had loads of fun and held the listeners. His mission is to put on a great show with the best music, make people laugh, and have fun on the air and make them forget their problems. He says, "if I do that every show then my job is complete".

His desire to become part of radio dates back to his childhood. He fell in love with radio in the 70s, listening to top-40 hits on local Providence station JB105 and following the syndicated shows of Wolfman Jack, his idol.

The 150 show is what you get when you put the music and nostalgia from the greatest decades in music together, the 70’s and 80’s, and The Iceman always up to his crazy antics as usual. You will definitely hear music that will bring back great memories. and on every show you are bound to hear a song from that era that you totally forgot about and will wind up bringing back some of the best memories of your life. Hear your favorite artists telling the story behind their biggest hits and The number ones to one hit wonders with everything in between plus lots more!

Join the Iceman right after the Rockumentary from 4 to 6 PM Eastern US time on Saturday, repeated usually from 1 AM to 3 Am on Sunday. Although because of the time change in North America this week, the show will start at midnight so we don't cut him off in his prime on the first outing.

Remember, to find out when that is in your time zone, head over to our schedule page where we display the schedule in your time zone.

It's all here on your station for four decades of magic Mushroom memories.