Attention! The clocks spring forward tomorrow in our official time zone

Mushroom FM keeps US Eastern time as our official time zone. Tomorrow, March 10, the clocks spring forward.

If you are in North America and your clocks also spring forward, the only impact this change will have on you is an hour less sleep.

However, since the clocks are not springing forward in much of the world, it may mean that shows will start an hour earlier for you than normal. This will be the case until the clocks go forward in your time zone at the end of the month, such as in the UK or Europe, when usual times will be restored. If you're in the southern hemisphere and you fall back at the end of the month, your favourite shows will begin yet another hour earlier.

Confused? Imagine how it is for us when we have a whole world to think about!

To resolve the confusion, remember that by visiting Mushroom FM's schedule page, you can see what shows are on when in your time zone.

Thanks for being a part of the mushroom crowd.