A 40th birthday for a great album, keyboard pioneers, and fresh new music with a classic connection; this week on The Depths

It's time for another expansive journey through the world of deep classic rock, and early progressive FM rock radio on The Depths.

The Kinks album, "Low Budget" turned 40 this week, and we will pay tribute to it with some background history, and a couple extended mixes that didn't make the original album.

We'll also spend a little time with two brilliant pioneers of early synthesizers: Annette Peacock and Robert Mason.

We'll even play a short clip of the progressive FM station in Philadelphia that used Robert Mason's music as a bed for several years.

We'll also listen to brand new music from black Oak Arkansas, as well as the fantastic new album from the Sons of three founding members of the Allman Brothers Band.

There is so much more packed into these four hours, so I welcome you to stretch out, open your ears and your mind as wide as they can go, and travel with me through The Depths.

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