Share your moon memories and thoughts with us on this week's special Mosen Explosion

Since we’re seeking special listener contributions, I’m giving plenty of notice of what’s happening on this weekend’s Mosen Explosion.

The next show will air on 20 July US Eastern time, 50 years to the day that humans first set foot on another world. We’ll be playing plenty of songs about the moon and space, and you’re welcome to make a request for anything that fits the theme.

But most important, I’m seeking your views and memories. If you’re old enough to remember Apollo 11 or any of the Apollo missions, let me know what they meant to you. If you remember the coverage back in 1969, how did you follow it, who did you follow it with, and what were your feelings about this most incredible of human exploratory achievements? Did you believe we’d be living on the moon by now, and perhaps even have made it all the way to Mars?

I’d love to get your memories, or if you’re not old enough to have memories of the day, your thoughts.

The best way to share them is in your own voice. You can do that by calling the listener line in the United States, on 864-606-6736. That’s 864-60Mosen. You can also email an audio contribution to Jonathan at If you’re more comfortable writing something down, you can also email me at that address.

I look forward very much to receiving your contribution.

Also, remember that it’s wall-to-wall moon landing celebrations all day on the 20th on Mushroom FM’s OTR and spoken word station, Mushroom Escape, with explanatory documentaries, archives of the coverage, and space movies.

The Mosen Explosion airs live at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK on Saturday, that’s 6 AM on Sunday morning in New Zealand, only on Mushroom FM.