Unfinished business this week on The Early Years!

When Jonathan rides off into the sunset with Van Halen, stay tuned to Mushroom FM for The Early Years where you'll enjoy the best music from Rock and Roll's Golden Age (its first quarter century) with an occasional nod to other decades and genres.
It's unfinished business for the next two shows. this week, I revisit two themes from previous shows, Pre-Beatles foreign hits, begun two weeks ago, and summer songs, begun 4 weeks ago and continued 3 weeks ago, with apologies to those in the Southern Hemisphere who are enduring winter. But as I've said in the past, your turn for summer will come soon enough and then it will be our turn to endure what you're enduring now.
Next week, I will do something NASA hasn't done since December 1972, return to the moon, at least musically.
You can contact me any time by e-mail at steve@mushroomfm.com with comments about the show and suggestions for future shows, particularly songs about the moon for next week's show.
So join me, Steve Cutway, in The Early Years, tonight at 06:00 PM, for more Pre-Beatles Foreign Hits and more summer songs, after The Mosen Explosion and before Snow White FM. The show replays Wednesday morning at 07:00 AM, before Anthony Unleashed, only on Mushroom FM, the home of the fun guys, making four decades of magic mushroom memories!
And be sure to stay tuned after Snow White FM for "the Depths" with Bob Canish.