This week on The Mosen Explosion, what do Windows 95 and living next door to Alice have in common?

Ah yesh, it sheemsh like only yeshterday. There were big countdowns, events across the world at midnight, all for the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 95. Of course, nowadays, you get a new version of Windows every six months and you wait for it to turn up one day and hope you still have your documents.

Windows 95 was a big update mate! I mean it was huuuge. And it ushered in the Start Button. SO on The Mosen Explosion this week, we’ll be asking for your memories of switching to Windows, if you’ve been on the planet long enough to have made the jump from DOS. Was 95 your first version of Windows? What do you remember about those early times.
We’ll also be playing songs about starting things, and windows.

I’m all by myself at the moment, aw, while Bonnie attends a conference, but hopefully she’ll find time to connect with us for a bulletin at some point during the show.

We’ll go back in time and look at what other things happened on this day in history, and there’ll be plenty of room for your musings, requests and other interactions.

Join me for all the fun right after Chuck Taylor on Mushroom FM at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK on Saturday. That’s Sunday morning at 6 AM here in New Zealand.

Oh, and what does Alice have to do with anything? I’ll leave it for you to work out.