September 21 2019 Show Promises Immortality

This week on SnowWhiteFM, we will be featuring all music by dead people. And, a very warm blooded Steve, with his heart beating at double time, will be joining the Snowman in the first hour.
Yes indeed, we have had a couple of deaths in the musical arena this week. And that got us to thinking, gosh, there is a lot of great music in our genre that features artists that are no longer with us, and we think that is worth celebrating. Not the fact that they are no longer with us. But, the fact that they gave us such great music when they were here. This is not a funeral, not a somber occasion. The mourning has mostly passed. It's now time to adapt, and to put the focus not on our loss, but on our fortune. It is a happy celebration of the wonderful contributions these people have made, of the brilliance of their creative careers, and joyous acknowledgement of the happiness they have brought, and continue to bring to our lives, for as long as we need it. Man, there is so much of it to celebrate. And we are going to do just that. Come join in with us, as we play All Music By Dead People, this week, on SnowWhiteFM.
That plus, we're making some changes to our audio processing that should made things sound even better, if they don't mess it up entirely. And, when Steve is here, there is just no telling what will happen, and what will get said. Also, more thunderstorms are forcast for the local region surrounding our studio on Saturday. And, who knows, the Snowman might even get hit by lightning again. What a fantasticly ironic thing to be struck by lightning, and killed while on the air, playing all Music By Dead People. Well, we can't promise that, but we can't say it won't happen either.
Either way it goes, you really don't wanna miss this one. Saturday night at 8PM eastern, on Mushroom FM.