It's beginning to look a lot like...The Mosen Explosion

I’ve been doing this radio malarkey in various forms for about 46 years now, which is truly scary and ridiculous. And one of the things that I know causes all sorts of argument is the question of when to dust off the Christmas music.

I have a clear rule in Mosen Towers, the 25th of November, one month before the jolly old fat fellow comes down the chimney and brings me masses of electronics, is the right day to start playing it. So I’m already feeling festive as we prepare to introduce some festive tunes into the Mosen Explosion mix.

I’ll also be announcing our plans for an event that many people really look forward to, Mushroom FM’s holiday countdown and Christmas party.

The 30th of November would have been Allan Sherman’s birthday, a comedian who suddenly emerged from obscurity and had a brief period of prominence with some great material before descending into mediocrity and alcoholism. I’ll be playing a few tracks from Alan, including that great Christmas song he did.

As you know if you are familiar with Allan Sherman’s material, the head coach wants no sissies, so he reads to us from something called Ulysses. And this is a jolly useful transition, because also on The Mosen Explosion this week, I’ll be bringing you a comprehensive review of the Ulysses word processing app for iOS, something that allows VoiceOver users to take full advantage of all the new content creation-related VoiceOver features in iOS 13. This app has had a profound positive effect on the way I get work done.

Bonnie will be here with her bulletin, we’ll look back at this day in history, and there’ll be plenty of room for your contributions via phone, email, and Twitter.

See you on The Mosen Explosion on Saturday at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, that’s bright and early on Sunday morning at 8 AM in New Zealand, only on Mushroom FM.

Hee haw, hee haw!