Got a ticket to our Christmas party? Find out where you're seated

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The time when you make a list, we check it twice, and we count down the top 100 holiday songs as chosen by you.

As part of the fun, everyone who voted received an invitation to our Christmas party. If you forgot to vote, well, you're probably on Santa's naughty list, but tomorrow we will be able to allocate you a seat at a table if you ask nicely.

We've allocated the seats and now you can find out which of our four tables you've been assigned to. Check out the seating plan at and keep the page in your favourites. Tomorrow, you'll be able to check the scoreboard in real time to find out how your table is doing.

Remember, the more engaging you are with the fun guy on air, the more chance you have of scoring Christmas crackers for your table and becoming the top table of 2019.

See you on Sunday 22 December at 9 AM Eastern, 2 PM in the UK, for our holiday countdown and Christmas party.