Music to Cure What Ails You, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Sunday is here again in much of the world, and that means that it's time for more Celtic and folk music of an excellent kind on that most excellent station, Mushroom FM! I'm back this week and I'm live, though I came within a hair of deciding to do another encore presentation.

There are times when the best of us just can't seem to rise to an occasion, no matter how much we might wish to do so. This week has been full of disrupted sleep and general lowness of spirits for me, so I thought you might be better off with a show from the archives than my less-than-sparkling (or so I have thought it at least this week) personality. However, I didn't want to make up my mind until I'd listened to some of the new music I had purchased last month, and sure enough I found an alternative version of a folk song that is very familiar to our show and I felt I just had to share it with you this week. Also, most of the groundhogs across North America, with the exception of a certain contrary one from Nova Scotia, have predicted an early spring. With news like that, how can I keep from singing--I mean--allowing other people to sing?

So, despite my current malaise, or perhaps because of it, I'm presenting music to cure what ails you, chicken (or should that be potato and leek?) soup for the Celtic soul! Yes Jonathan, I just talked about soup! I find well-made soup to be nourishing and buoying to the body and the spirit, and since we'll have our usual mix of music floating in a simmering broth of banter, I can think of no better description.

So, join me tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern! Don't worry about that silly sports thing they've got on the TV. You can also catch the show when it replays on Friday at 4:00 AM Eastern. Enjoy!