It's Another Virtual House Concert, this Week on Come by the Hills!

It's a new month, but we're all still in a crazy situation that doesn't look like changing very soon. However, music is good for the soul on many levels, and that's as true for the one playing it as for the one hearing it. So, I've decided to do another virtual house concert on Sunday's Celtic music show. I'll also play some of our usual music of course, but much of the show will feature me and my harp. again, I think I'll just start playing and see where we end up. After all, as Lao Tsu said, "a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving."

So come journeying with me, won't you? Catch the live broadcast of Come by the Hills on Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern, or check out the replay on Friday at 4:00 AM Eastern, 9:00 AM in the UK and Ireland. There is also an archive of past shows at Enjoy!