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It’s the beginning of a new era this weekend as we bring you Mosen At Large live on Mushroom FM from 2 until 5 PM Eastern on Saturday, that’s 7 to 10 PM in the UK, and bright and early on Sunday morning from 6 until 9 AM in New Zealand.

Mosen At Large on Mushroom FM is a three hour magazine show focussing on talk that’s entertaining, informative, usually friendly, sometimes controversial but always interesting. And I’ll be sure to throw in a few magic musical mushroom memories for good measure. While we do tend to talk about technology a lot, it is not strictly a tech show as you can tell from the items I’m highlighting later in this message. So please feel free to raise topics of your own, whether they are technology related or not.

Where did The Mosen Explosion go? Never fear. The Mosen Explosion is back to its roots as a predominantly music show, and now there’s five hours of it every week. You can hear the Explosion, complete with classic Explosion features like the wacky news, today in history, our classic jingles and of course the exploding of new listeners every week day at 2 AM US Eastern time, played a second time at 2 PM Eastern time the same day. You can check Mushroom FM’s schedule page to find out when that is in your time zone.

Here are just a few of the things we’re talking about on Mosen At Large this week. It looks like we really are getting close to the point that bionic eye technology could be implanted, offering sight to many blind people. As someone who has lost hearing throughout my life, I would give almost anything to have that restored, and I imagine that’s how most people who became blind later in life must feel about the chance to get sight back. But I have been blind since birth and have absolutely no interest in seeing, for reasons I’ll explain on the show. How about you? If you have never seen, or you lost your sight so early in life that you don’t remember what it’s like to see, would you want sight? Why or why not? And if you have seen but don’t want your sight restored, it would be fascinating to hear your reasons for that too.

Do you have any humorous stories about guide dogs or pets you’d like to share? Perhaps relating to how they came into your life or crazy things they did? I’ll be telling a story about a dog who was diagnosed with a very short time to live but who went on to have a long life. The reason is hilarious.

Oh and speaking of hilarious, every so often you come across a story that is just so bizarre, so absolutely ridiculous, that you sit there and you go, like, “what the actual…soup?” Don’t miss hearing about the inventor who was so concerned about how blind people can’t possibly cope in public toilets that he has invented an intricate, all binging and bonging accessible urinal just for the blind. Yup, I’ll be…leaking the information, even though it’s going to leave me feeling somewhat flushed.

There is of course plenty of technology too, including your responses to the idea that Apple might come out with an iPhone that has no ports at all. How do you feel about that?

There are more demos of cool, retro talking clocks. We learn about a remarkable headset that could be the answer if you want independent control over the volume of your screen reader and conferencing platforms like Zoom. Next week is a very big week for Sonos as they release a new soundbar and a completely rewritten app. Should we be advocating for a JAWS that works on Windows machines running ARM processors? And I’ll have plenty of tech news in the mix as well.

Bonnie will be here with her bulletin as New Zealand gets ready to move to COVID alert level one.

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I can’t wait for you to be a part of our engaged, connected community on Mosen At Large, live on Mushroom FM.