The Mosen Explosion is fun! Now it’s here with all the classic features every weekday starting 8 June

It’s back in its original music-dominated form, but bigger than before with a massive five hours every week!

You can now hear The Mosen Explosion every weekday at 2 AM Eastern, repeated again at 2 PM Eastern. Do all these complicated time zones break your brain? We’ve got you covered. Visit the schedule page on Mushroom FM’s website and you can find out when that is in your time zone.

All the usual features are here in classic Explosion style. By popular demand, the wacky news makes a return. I’ll delve into today in history. I’ll play your requests, and if you’re a new listener or do something especially meritorious, you’ll be rewarded by being exploded on-air. Yes, this is the one place where being exploded is actually a good thing.

I hope you’ll join The Mosen Explosion in its new, spruced up, weekday manifestation. Because, like I say, it’s fun!

Really looking forward to this new era and you being a part of it.