What are your wishes for iOS 14? This and more on this weekend's Mosen At Large.

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You can hear it live every Saturday at 2 Pm US Eastern time, 7 PM in the UK. That’s Sunday morning at 6 AM here in New Zealand. Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s conference is coming up on 22 June, a little later than normal. It won’t be long until Tim and his team tell us what’s coming up in iOS 14. Before he spills the beans, or perhaps that should be spills the apples, what are you hoping for, particularly from an accessibility perspective?

When I operated Mosen Consulting, every year I would write up my top 10 wish list for the next version of iOS. This year I’ll be giving you my thoughts via Mosen At Large. You’re very welcome to be in touch with wishes of your own.

We have more reaction to the discussion begun last week about whether you’d take sight if it were offered to you, including thoughts from Mike May who actually has done it. Also we get more recommendations for accessible exercise equipment.

Bonnie will be here with her bulletin, and much, much more.

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