On Mosen At Large this week, a thorough review and demonstration of the most accessible TV I've ever come across

Kia ora koutou Mosen At Largers. As always I’ve been enjoying your contributions coming in ahead of this weekend’s show and am looking forward to putting the show together.

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Right! So what’s in store this weekend? The big feature is that for reasons explained in previous episodes, we packed up the Sony TV we’ve had at Mosen Towers for a month, took it to the store, and came back with something that is working out so much better. It’s a Samsung TU8500, one of the new 2020 smart TVs from Samsung. The accessibility is almost unbelievable, the feature set comprehensive, and I think you’re really going to enjoy the extensive review I have for you, recorded professionally using the Zoom F6.

We have some superb listener contributions this week, thanks to everyone who takes the time to make this show what it is. More feedback is coming in on what should be in iOS 14, we look at consuming certain types of content on a PC rather than a smartphone, a listener who is part of a clinical trial to get his sight restores tells us why he’s doing it, and if you have an Apple Watch we want to know what apps you put in your dock.

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See you soon for Mosen At Large, and hopefully, on Twitter too.