The Mosen Explosion launches the great kombucha experiment

If you're in Europe, and yes for the moment at least we can include the UK in that group, then you'll be pleased to know that with the clocks going forward in that part of the world, the normal relationship with Eastern US time is restored, so the jolly old Mosen Explosion is back when you usually expect it to start.

If you're in New Zealand, well, we're still in this crazy transitional period when it starts at 7 AM. I dunno, all this scary messing with time.

We've got some wacky news, some history, the bananas may be here if they wake up early enough, and best of all, we begin the great Mosen Explosion kombucha experiment. "What's kombucha?" Ooh dear dear dear, you mustn't have been paying attention to the Mosen Explosion over the last couple of weeks. So, you can either Google it, or tune into the show.

I always thought it would be fun to make my own beer or wine. Well, now that I don't drink either, I've decided to get into making my own kombucha. Richard and I have taken on this project together, and we'll begin it on this week's Mosen Explosion. Who knows, if we get any good at it, maybe we can give some away as a present on future shows. Golly!

Of course there'll be plenty of room for your requests, and the conversation that we enjoy so much and that often takes the show to unexpected and cool places.
Join me, right after Dean does his telly talk, at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, only on the fabulous Mushroom FM.