Farewell and thanks to two former fun guys

We hope that when you tune into a Mushroom FM show, it all sounds effortless. The reality is though that committing to a show on Mushroom FM is a commitment of more than just the hours that the show airs. The fun guys often think of themes and put music together based on them. There may be features that require some research, and often, we’re looking for things to say in our voice breaks that keep you interested. In short, it’s a bigger commitment than you may realise and I’m grateful to everyone who volunteers their time for Mushroom FM.

Recently, we’ve sadly said goodbye to two of our valued team members. A few weeks ago, those of you who follow Lulu Hartgen on Twitter will have seen her tweet that she’s decided to hang up her microphone, but she remains a regular listener. Lulu has presented Down for Double with Brian. She has also hosted the Jazz Café, which has been a wonderful way for many of us who are working at the time the show was on to have some relaxing music, or alternatively to unwind after a hard day. She also played a key role in our last Christmas single. We’ll miss Lulu’s contribution and infectious laugh, and we hope we’ll see her from time to time at Mushroom FM special events and just when the fancy takes her.

Glen Gordon has also decided to stop spinning his Musical Web for now, to make a bit more time in his very busy life for family things. I know that many listeners have, like me, loved the ingenious way Glen has come up with a theme and linked the songs week after week. It’s a show that has involved immense preparation, and it’s been a pleasure doing radio work with Glen. I hope we’ll see him back on Mushroom FM sometime in future.

Meanwhile, we’re continuing to entertain you on Mushroom FM, with an exciting birthday celebration just around the corner, and some significant innovations being worked on for unveiling in the next few months.

If you’d like to join us, head on over to our Join page and see what’s involved.

Thanks as ever for your ongoing support.