Here it is! Proudly announcing Mushroom FM's sixth birthday celebrations

On 25 April 2010, Mushroom FM took Internet broadcasting to a new level, with its fun brand of radio and innovative use of social media.

We were sleeping for our fourth and fifth birthdays, but we’re once again wide awake and ready to party like it’s 2016. This will be our best birthday party ever, and the place for all things birthday this year as

Our past birthday celebrations have transported you to all kinds of places and made magic mushroom memories. So what have the fun guys cooked up for the big number six?

Choo choo! All aboard our luxury train as we go on-line, the train line that is.

You’re invited to reserve your seat on the Mushroom Flyer, our luxurious train with incredible facilities. It has Wi-Fi, electricity at your seat, and plenty of specialty cars such as a bar and games room.

Best of all, the train is equipped with top secret ICBM, Intercontinental Ballistic Mushroom, technology. This allows the train to train-warp itself anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, so hold on to your hat!

When you’re not in one of the special cars, you’re assigned to one of six carriages. We’ll be publishing the seat assignments right here on our website, so you can see the names of your fellow carriage mates. Passengers can optionally include their Twitter handles with their reservations, and if they have, you can even get in touch with your carriage mates. Be sure to use that #MushroomFM hashtag in your tweets so we can all join in.

Throughout the weekend, there’ll be plenty of chances to win prizes for you, and points for your carriage. Which carriage will be the most lively, have the most party animals in it, or take bragging rights as the one with the most points at the end of our journey? How active you are will make all the difference.

We have some awesome prizes to give away thanks to such sponsors as:
•Andrew Johnson Self-help apps and MP3 downloads
•Blind Alive fitness workouts
•Blindfold Games
•Downcast podcast app for Mac and iOS
•Fantastical calendar for iPhone and iPad
•Mosen Consulting eBooks and audiobooks
•Mystic Access Tutorials
•Tweetings iOS Twitter client

The Mushroom Flyer begins its maiden voyage at 3 PM Eastern, 8 PM UK, on 23 April. The Fungus Travel agency is open for business, so don’t delay, reserve your place on the Mushroom Flyer today, before all the seats with the good view are gone.

Head on over, and tell your friends as well about
Just complete the form, and we’ll email you a reservation confirmation.

We cannot wait to catch up with old friends who've made what we do so much fun, and to make new friends too. See you on the 23rd as Mushroom FM puts it all on the line.