Big news! For our birthday, we have multiple copies of @KNFBReader to give away

As we've detailed previously, Mushroom FM has a stack of great prizes to give away for our sixth birthday. But there's one more thing, and it's huge.

We're proud to have KNFB Reader aboard the Mushroom Flyer. If this is an app you've been wanting, you'll have a number of chances to walk away with your choice of iOS or Android KNFB Reader absolutely free. All you have to do is register for our birthday event, and stay listening.

KNFB Reader is a mobile app that reads print aloud. It’s easy to use. Take a photo and the app reads the text aloud in clear synthetic speech. And it’s fast – the print will be yours almost instantaneously.

Worried about getting the right photo? The app will help you. It has text detection so you know you have the printed side of the page. The app also helps you get the whole page photographed with tilt and viewfinder assist. Just a tap of the finger and the print is yours.

KNFB Reader can read receipts. You will know what has been put on your card at restaurants, stores, or in taxis.

KNFB reader can read package labels. Wonder what came in the mail? Need nutritional information from your breakfast cereal? KNFB Reader captures it all.

Is your screen reader not cooperating? KNFB Reader can capture print from your computer or tablet screen. Photograph the screen and know exactly what those error messages say.

That's just the start. There are so many ways this app can change your life, and it can be yours for free, if you're a part of Mushroom FM's sixth birthday celebrations.

It's not too late to get aboard our virtual train. Just visit and book your ticket today.

To learn more about KNFB Reader, visit