Join Jonathan on the Mushroom Flyer for the Fat Controller's Fiesta

At 3 Pm Eastern, 8 PM UK, 7 AM in New Zealand, Brian Hartgen starts the broadcasts from the Mushroom Flyer, our virtual train that can magically warp itself anywhere in the world. You won't want to miss the first show, because that's when you find out which coach you've been assigned to, and the prize winning starts right away. So we hope you'll be aboard on time, and stay aboard right throughout the thrilling journey. It'll be essential listening.
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While the fun guys broadcast from their coaches that reflect their unique tastes, I'm driving the engine, making little announcements on the speaker system, and of course, tooting my little tooter. Oh how I love this job. Yes, this weekend on the Mushroom Flyer, I've got the job of Fat Controller, in true Thomas the Tank Engine style.
Eventually though, I do get a show of my own, and since I'll soon be busily assuming fat controller duties, I'm telling you about it now.
Sadly, our journey must eventually come to an end after 26 incredible hours. And for the last four of them, I'd like you to join me for the Fat Controller's fiesta. We'll have plenty of prizes still left in our prize cupboard, including one or two really big ones. We'll have great party music, and ensure you're able to disembark safely.
So I hope you'll stay with us all weekend long and that you'll be there for the fat controller's fiesta, one hour earlier than the usual Mosen Explosion time at 1 PM Eastern, 6 PM UK, 5 AM in the morning on Monday in NZ. Golly! Thank you, and toot toot!