Eye Eye Eye? Another Mosen Explosion's coming up.

If you were listening to last week's show, or indeed some of my new week-day shows here on the 'Shroom, you will have heard that I have been stricken, stricken I tell you, but this crazy eye pain. It's not a common thing for me at all, and I don't like it, because it seems ridiculous to be pained by an organ that's totally dysfunctional and useless, because that makes me feel dysfunctional and useless.
Finally I surrendered on Friday, went to the doctor and got some steroids that have made me want to devour the universe but have made me feel much better. Now the reason why I'm telling you this is not to seek any sympathy for being stricken! Stricken I was! All week long. I'm telling you this as background to the fact that on this week's Mosen Explosion, I'm going to play some songs about eyes, some that see, and some that don't. Some that are sexy, and some that are hungry.
But wait, there is much more. Did you know that Mushroom FM acquired four amazing fun guys over the last week? Two are recycled, and two are new recruits. I'll be talking with Steve Cutway, who you'll hear much of the time associated with the 1950s on Mushroom FM. And you'll never believe it, but the Country Oasis is coming back to the ''Shroom! How cool is this? If you've been listening to Mushroom Fm since 2010, you might remember the crazy Country Oasis promos we used to run, with Hank, the good ol' southern boy who found himself in Manhattan, as the Chief Financial Officer of the Boing Boing Rubber Company. Instead of wacky news this week, we'll play the whole series of wacky Country Oasis promos instead to wet your appetite for the show. By the end, you'll be wondering, how on earth will we promote the Oasis this time around?
There's history, the Bonnie Bulletin, and more fun and listener interaction than you can shake a Mushroom at.
I do hope you'll join me as I continue my recovery from being...well...totally stricken! Stricken!
I'm right after Dean's really fantastic Sunday Sofa Session, at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, on Mushroom FM. You'll be stricken if you miss all this fun I tell you!