Celebrating Ringo Starr's 76th birthday today

One of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Ringo Starr, was born 76 years ago today. That sure is worthy of celebration.

Join me, Jonathan Mosen, right after Steve Cutway at 6 Pm Eastern, 11 PM UK, as for two hours we say happy birthday to Ringo. The first hour, our regular 60s slot, features nothing but music by The Beatles, particularly songs where Ringo sang lead vocals. Other tracks we'll play showcase his skills as the best rock drummer.

In my second hour, where we're stuck in the 70s, we'll draw from Ringo's well known and lesser-known 70s track.

So do join me as we say "peace and love" and happy birthday Ringo, 6 PM eastern here on Mushroom FM.