Join Me for a Special Bonair

Join me for a special Bonair “Remembering Hazel” Saturday 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST here on and in all your fav music aps. It’s been a tough week. On Wednesday, one of my favourite cousins, Hazel Richardson, passed away after a short but brave battle with cancer. We honour those we have lost in many mediums--a poem, a song, quiet meditation in a meadow or on a mountain. There will be a memorial service, but I chose to remember and celebrate her life by playing some of her favourite music, and sharing my memories of this wonderful lady on my show. It is said cancer has killed more people than all the wars of modern time, and no one is immune from this terrible disease. The show will not be of sadness but of love and hope—the love and hope left to us by those who have passed on. We will of course have the usual Bonnie banter and play some requests. “Food for Thought” is back with a tasty tandoori chicken recipe. as always you, the listeners are invited to participate. To contact the show, email or tweet @bonniemosen or call the Mosenline at 701-801-3263.