Four Seasons in the Shed.

This week in New Zealand, it’s been sunny, sunny, still sunny, then rain, wind, rain, and oh yeah, sunny, again.
This mild winter still continues, although we’re told the real winter will appear towards the end of this month.
What does this tell me?
That our beloved Met Service here in New Zealand, don’t really have a clue what’s happening, as only two weeks ago, they said the mild winter would continue right till spring.
Lucky for you though, I don’t work for the Met service, therefore I know what’s happening.
The Shed, will be opening it’s rusty doors again from 11pm this Saturday night. That’s 4am Sunday in the UK and 3pm here in the Wacky Winter Wonderland called New Zealand.
Four hours of random stuff, all over the place, and then some.
The triple threat pops in to say hi, and so too does the Live and Loud Segment.
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Look forward to seeing ya!