Join jaunty Jonathan for a feeling flaming fabulously fantastic Mosen Explosion!

I feel good, diddle diddle diddle dit, dit, I knew that I would now, diddle diddle diddle dit dit. an, where are those old singing speech synthesisers when they'd come in handy, eh? Where?

Last week, inspired by eye pain, we featured songs all about eyes and looking. And holy soup! I could easily have done a show four times longer, there was so much material.

Well I'm pleased to say that the eye pain is banished to the dustbin of history, school holidays are here so I get to spend great quality time with the bananas, I got the mayorship of Mosen Towers back from Heidi on Swarm after she scurrilously, absolutely and utterly scurrilously took it away while Bonnie and I were away for our wedding anniversary, we've had some incredible new shows start on the 'Shroom over the last week, and in short, I am rockin', rollin' and ready to bring you another Mosen Explosion.

Many of our listeners have been travelling and conventioning over the last week and a bit. We've missed you and are looking forward to exploding with you again. We're keen to hear how it all went, and what your highlights of convention season have been.

And this week, I'm especially interested in hearing about songs that make you feel good. You know the ones, the songs where even if you're feeling a wee bit meh, just a tiny bit blah, you hear it and you think, "mate, mate, what a song, I feel better for hearing it".

The Bonnie bulletin is here as well hosted by Bonnie, who does the bulletin, which is why we call it the...yeah anyway. Wacky news is back, we'll take a look at this day in history, we may well coax a banana onto the air for a school holiday report, and if you've not yet heard it, there is a new Country Oasis promo. Following the history lesson we gave you last week with respect to the Country Oasis, it's only fair that we make sure you hear the next chapter in the story.

All the interaction, the back and forth, the coming together of listeners from all over the world are what the show and the 'Shroom are all about. So the show will be that much better if you're apart of it. And remember, if you've never listened before, we give you your own personal explosion in celebration. I'm here right after the Sunday Sofa Session at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, bright and early at 6 AM in New Zealand, only on Mushroom FM.