The Blind Side has now concluded on Mushroom FM, but will be continuing as a podcast

Hello everyone, thanks to those who have provided such warm encouragement regarding The Blind Side. We've clearly demonstrated a need for such a show and it will definitely be continuing.

As indicated on today's show and in another post on the Mushroom FM blog, The number of podcast listeners to The Blind Side has been quite remarkable. That shows us that there's a real hunger for this content, but people want to consume it on their terms. They want to be able to speed it up, skip through it, and pick and choose what they hear. A radio experience can't offer that.

The Blind Side has now ceased being aired on Mushroom FM and will instead be a weekly podcast, sponsored by Mosen Consulting and Mushroom Fm. If you want to join the masses of people who are listening, you can now search for The Blind Side in any podcast client.

It was my intension to produce a few more episodes of the show for Mushroom FM, however Mushroom FM is making some exciting changes in conjunction with our new format next week, and I need to devote the voluntary hours I have available to finishing those.

never fear, we have some amazing interviews already recorded and ready to go, and we'll get our first new weekly edition of The Blind Side out very soon, so the show isn't going away.

Be sure to be subscribed to The Blind Side Podcast so you don't miss a thing.

Thank you again for your great support.