As the finger hovers over the reset button, it's The Mosen Explosion

It's almost that time of the week again, when we invite you to tune in for four hours of exploding nonsense and great listener chat, as well as a wide selection of the best music ever made.

Guess who is turning the big 75? No no, naughty person, it isn't me just yet. It only seems like this show has been running for that long. It's David Crosby's birthday, so we'll play some stuff from Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Young is in there at times too. That was when they were young you see, when Young was there, but since they're older, Young isn't there anymore....Anyway. Got any Crosby Stills etc etc requests? Do flick them my way via Twitter or email.

So this new Mushroom FM format thing. What about that, eh? Having managed format changes in radio before, I know a station shouldn't take on a decision like that lightly. But we couldn't be more excited about what comes next for our wonderful little fungal station. We have new shows to tell you about, some new innovation that gives you the chance to interact with the station far more often and in a fun new way, and of course we've put together a fabulous mix of music from the 50s to the 80s.

I'll be telling you all about what you can expect from the new-look Mushroom FM when we change formats at 12 AM sharp on Monday. But if you like the music played on the Explosion, you are absolutely going to love the whole of Mushroom FM.

So many Explosion listeners are radio geeks, so as Mushroom Fm prepares for the biggest change in its history, it would be fun to hear about other radio format changes you remember. Do you remember the howls of outrage when so many favourite music stations on AM went from music to talk, for example? Some stations even had a period of weirdness between their old and new formats. Share your memories with us.

We've got a new world music show beginning this week, and Tom Dekker will join me to tell you about it.

David and Heidi are here with the banana report. They finally dragged their poor old dad to the department store for an extreme make-over now that all my clothes are too big for me. Pictures at, maybe we'll dispense with the pictures on second thoughts.

Fresh from her romance writer's conference in Auckland, Bonnie is back with her bulletin, and of course we'll look at today in history.

Whew! It's all go at Mosen Towers I tell you. Do join me as we countdown to a more consistent, more focussed Mushroom FM, with The Mosen Explosion, right after Darren Paskell on Sunday at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK. That's jolly early at 6 AM on Monday in New Zealand. only on MushroomFM.