The Mosen Explosion: with eyes that don't see in the dark

Welcome! I just dropped in, to see what condition your condition is in, and to tell you that we are exploding once again on the mighty marvellous Mushroom FM.
When people take the time to complete our contact form telling us how much they are loving the new format, we're obviously doing something right, so thank you for your support during this last amazing week of programming. We love it that you love it, and, after all, love lifted me. And it's only getting better, with nearly a thousand new tracks being added over the next week, with more music through the years. So don't take your love to town in case you get scarlet fever, tune into the Explosion instead, because, after all, we've got tonight.

Anyway, have you worked out who our featured artist is this week? When you tune into the stream to find out, hopefully there won't be any islands in it! Yup, Kenny Rogers is celebrating his 78th birthday. Pretty incredible, huh? There are so many cool Kenny tunes, and we'll be glad to play anything in particular you'd like to hear on this week's Explosion.

It's a very special day at Mosen Towers, because the 21st of August is the birthday of the incomparably wonderful Bonnie Mosen. And although it will be the 22nd in New Zealand when we do the explosion, it will still be the 21st in much of the world, meaning we can extend the Bonnie birthday brilliance.
She'll be here with her bulletin, and we'll have plenty of fun things to talk about, aided and abetted by lots of interaction from you.

So I hope you'll join me right after Darren for another edition of the Explosion. It's at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK, on Mushroom FM.