The Mosen Explosion, this week the show with big news and new buttons

There are certain truths in life. Death, taxes, and no one does special events quite like Mushroom Fm.

The Mushroom FM special event elves have been feverishly beavering away on our next very cool radio and social media extravaganza. We're really excited about this one, and I can't wait to be the one to tell you about it on this week's explosion. You'll want to be tuned in, and make sure all your friends are as well, because with this event there are advantages in registering early. I will spill the beans, the beans I will spill, on the show. Each hour seems like a life time I tell you, until we can do the big reveal.

All this assumes, of course, that there will be a show at all. It was at this very time last week, in this very room, this actual particular little room, that I made the momentous and memontous decision to replace the very core of the Mosen Towers studio, our mixer. As you'll know if you were listening to last weeks soup, I have had the previous mixer for 16 years. I think it's the oldest technology I was still using. So I researched, read reviews, narrowed it down, read user guides and knowledge-base articles for my top three, and then...and then...pressed the Buy button on my choice. Gosh that was scary!

It arrived on Thursday. It nearly broke my brain setting it up. I almost sent it back until I had an epiphany about doing things in a slightly better way, and now I have to use it in the high-pressure environment of the Mosen Explosion. All the familiar controls and methods that were like second-nature are gone! Gone I say!