The Mosen Explosion's gone to the dogs. We tour The Seeing Eye.

It's the travelling Mosens back again for another extremely action-packed travelling edition of the travelling Mosen Explosion.
Remember, the clocks go back in North America tonight, so if you're in New Zealand or Australia and some other parts of the world, we start an hour later. If you're in Europe, we once again are on at the usual time of 7 PM UK. Boy how confusing.
This week, the Mosen Explosion comes to you from Fredericksburg Virginia, where we are seeing cool people, and Bonnie's cool horse. How cool is this!
Part of the show will come to you from a moving Amtrak train, because technology is just awesome like that, as we catch you up on some of our travel stories since last week's show.
When I was a kid, my aunt and uncle used to have an old player piano, sometimes known as a pianola. By threading these intricate paper rolls onto the player piano, it would play itself, you could actually feel the keys moving up and down, and it sounded incredible. The one my aunt and uncle had required you to pedal it.
This week, we've been staying with Jim and Ginger Kutsch. Jim is President of The Seeing Eye in Morristown New Jersey. Jim is a big fan of these player pianos, and has one in working order. We'll discuss the way these player pianos work, and then hear a great medley played by the piano, recorded in glorious stereo.
Speaking of stereo, we'll then head off for an extended time at The Seeing Eye, taking you to places many of the students don't usually go, including the kennels and vet facilities. Jim walks us through the facilities and he and some of his team talk about what goes on. Bonnie, who worked at the Seeing Eye for nearly a decade, also tells us about some of the history.
We'll have plenty of other musings about all that's going on, and holy soup, we may even get some music in there too. Since it would have been Glen Frey's birthday, who died early this year, he and The Eagles are our featured artists.
It really is a majorly fun and feature-packed show, and I trust you'll join me at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, only on Mushroom FM, on the web and in all the groovy apps.