You're invited to another new year's party at Mosen Towers

Even when on holiday, we’re beta testing at Mosen Towers. We just can’t help ourselves! This time every year, since the year seems to have a habit of ending on 31 December all the time, we bravely go where no one has gone before and test the new year for you. New Zealand sees in the new year a full 18 hours before it makes its way to the east coast of the United States, 21 hours before it makes it to the US west coast, and 13 hours before it gets to the UK! I mean dude, we are, like, so totally advanced.

Once again you’re invited to join us for a broadcast that ends up genuinely coming from the future. And of course if you’re in New Zealand, well we just hope you’ll join us for a fun celebratory way to end the old year and usher in the new.

Our new year’s eve party have become a tradition that we know some of our loyal listeners for whom it’s stupid o’clock even set their alarms for. We’re very grateful for that. Once again, Bonnie, the bananas and Kylee will be here to entertain you, and in a shock move, we understand that the spotty nephew himself, Anthony Horvath, is also joining us for new year.

We’ve got plenty of great party music, a lot of which will come from people who died in this year that has featured an unusually high number of music-related deaths. There’s likely to be some live music performed by Kylee in the Mosen Towers studio. We’ll count down to the new year, talk about our hopes for the coming one, and, very importantly, hear from you.

Are you making new year resolutions? Do you hope to be in a dramatically different place in some aspect of your life a year from now?? Get in touch with your profound observations or just to join the party via Twitter, email or the listener line.

We always have a lot of fun during these shows with plenty of entertaining audience participation, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Bring your own beverages and the best audio you have, crank it up, and join us for 2016 going on 17. We promise to report back into last year and tell you just what this new year is like.

The fun begins at 9 PM on New Year’s eve in New Zealand. That equates to 3 AM, yes, AM Eastern time on 31 December, 8 AM in the UK. SO tuck up early, set an alarm, and join us for a rockin’ good party, only on Mushroom FM.